The Secret to Living Like the Rich

Recently Crystal and Hans Bridges were dining with their good friends, Patti and Jim, at a 4-star Atlanta restaurant, when the conversation suddenly turned very interesting.   Leaning forward Patti said, “Do you mind if I ask you guys a personal question?”

“Depends,” replied Hans, chuckling.  “Sure.  Go ahead.”

“Well,” Patti began… ”We know that you guys are not millionaires… and you’ve shared some of the struggles in your construction and freelance writing businesses over the past few years…”

“But you’re living like rich people,” Jim said, cutting to the chase.  “So what gives?”

Crystal and Hans glanced at each other, smiling.

“We’re happy to share our secret,” Crystal said.  “We actually use currency from a different economy.”

“Huh?” Patti and Jim were all ears.

Enjoying their friends’ shocked faces, Crystal and Hans began unfolding to their friends the fascinating secrets of how they operate in a cashless economy.

Living like the Rich

Sure enough, for the past several years, the Bridges family had lived like rich people.  Though their cash income was lower than it had ever been due to the downturn in the economy, they had discovered the world of cashless trading, or bartering.  They had used their handyman and writing skills to do dozens of jobs for other members of The Southern Barter Club, and they had amassed tens of thousands of “virtual dollars” in their barter bank account.  They then used this virtual money to buy things they needed and wanted, and to utilize services that allowed them to live as if they were in a much higher income category.

For example, in recent years the Bridges:

  • Took five vacations on barter:  3 to the beach and 2 to the mountains
  • Installed granite countertops in their kitchen
  • Renovated their garage
  • Received dental services (including cosmetic dentistry) for all five family members
  • Situated their family in contacts and designer sunglasses
  • Purchased decorator showroom rugs and furniture for their home
  • Bought cars
  • Utilized top accountants, doctors, and lawyers
  • Secured a 1-day lake cruise on a party yacht
  • Purchased clothing, shoes, gourmet food, and designer jewelry from the barter store

All on barter!  The Bridges were even able to do some of their charitable giving through The Southern Barter Club.  For example, they were able to pay, with their virtual barter dollars, to have a friend in pain visit a chiropractor in the barter system and find relief for his back issues.  They sent an uninsured family member to their barter dentist and paid for the treatment through barter dollars.  They were able to purchase supplies and auction items for church fund-raisers, and they were able to refresh others in need through various barter gift certificates for meals and entertainment.

The family was even clever enough to pay for services outside the barter system with gift certificates.  For example, Hans’ mechanic is happy to receive Southern Barter Club’s restaurant gift certificates in exchange for his work on the family’s four vehicles.  Crystal’s yard man trims the hedges and mows the lawn in exchange for SBC’s certificates to entertainment venues like bowling and zip line excursions.

One of the best things the Bridges did was to do their Christmas shopping on barter.  During The Southern Barter Club’s holiday showroom event, they bought purses, jewelry, candles, pet supplies, wine, fireworks, and even services like eyelash extensions and permanent eye liner–things the family would have never spent their hard-earned cash on.

Paying like a Pauper

So what did all these “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” purchases really cost the Bridges in cash?  The answer is simple.  The barter club charges a 6% cash fee to the seller and the buyer on each transaction–plus a modest $20 cash fee monthly.  The monthly fee allows your SBC broker to act as your business broker, your marketing team, and basically your back-office for connecting you with hundreds of barter opportunities each year.  So the cash layout per year is quite modest in relation to the benefits realized.

So… Next time you see an otherwise conservative family doing fun and even lavish adventures; understand that they just might be part of the growing millions in America who know that “barter is smarter.”  Ask them to share their best cashless trading secrets with you, and better yet, ask them to hook you up as Southern Barter Club members!

If you would like to sit down with a broker from The Southern Barter Club to discuss the possibilities barter can offer you and your family, please call 678-546-0900.  The agents at SBC can’t wait to help you discover how to enjoy a Grey Poupon lifestyle on a beanie-weenie budget!

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