Barter in Real Estate

With the nation in constant yellow and red alert terror and disaster status lately, homeowners are ramping up their emergency supplies and creating survival plans for their families.  Some are even purchasing land and creating getaway retreats–just in case.

Such is the situation with Southern Barter Club members Cindy and Travis. When they sat down together in January to formulate their annual spending plan, they jotted down their goals, which included:

  • Buying property in North Georgia         $12,000 estimated cost
  • Real Estate Agent                                      $600 est.
  • Property appraisal                                     $500 est.
  • Real estate lawyer                                      $1100 est.

During the SBC orientation meeting, however, the couple was thrilled to learn that all these line items can be purchased on barter!

According to recent estimates, the average American couple spends more than $20,000 on home real estate and appraisal fees in a 20-year period. While these costs were taken in stride for many in years past, recently the volatile economy has made it more difficult for people to part with the funds in this ever-tightening category. However, the good news is that wise homeowners are increasingly turning to the barter-based providers as an alternative to satisfy these costs while maintaining their properties and keeping home values high.

The following are typical real estate-related categories that customers are now seeking to purchase through barter:

  • Property purchases
  • Real estate broker fees
  • Real estate agent fees
  • Real estate legal fees
  • Home appraisal fees
  • Home photography and slide shows
  • Basement renovations
  • Home staging services
  • Population statistics

The world of cashless trading now serves as a creative niche that opens a whole new world of customers and contacts for real estate providers.  Why not keep more cash in the bank by offering your skills and services to this ever-widening group of barter lovers?  Many of our home improvement sellers in the barter club designate a certain percentage of business (say, 20%) for their cashless customers, and they enjoy watching their virtual bank accounts grow.  In turn, they can use their “barter bucks” for purchases they need–photographers, subcontractors, etc.–and non-industry-related areas like medical, dental, dining, vacations, and more.

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