Turning Barter into Cash

News media increasingly highlights witty entrepreneurs who have discovered creative ways to “skin a cat” in business. Despite an uncertain economy, millions have found a unique way to keep their small businesses in the black, and it’s all about using a little creativity in turning barter into cash.
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Leveraging Existing Customers for Your Small Business

You may be like so many small businesses this month–staring at the end-of-year spreadsheet containing an itemization of your annual income and expenses.  Perhaps you’re grateful you even made it in a down economy, but also a bit discouraged because there’s so little left over in the coffers.  Maybe you’re like small business owner Sandy, whose husband needed dental work here at the year’s end, but who had little cash or insurance to cover it. Fortunately, Sandy found an unusual, creative answer – just in time!

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Why Bartering for Advertising Makes Sense for Your Restaurant

The old adage of “survival of the fittest” has been replaced lately with a new slogan: “survival of the smartest”. The standard approach to advertising and the types of advertising that are most effective have been redefined. What worked in a flourishing economy is now being scrapped as new avenues of attracting buyers are being explored. Continue reading

In Today’s Economy Motivate Employees Using Your Trade Dollars

According to the most recent Performance Perspective executive briefing released by Madison Performance Group (MPG), non-cash rewards (trade dollars and goods/services you can buy on trade), in the right circumstances and in the right combinations, can actually be more effective and therefore more efficient than money alone.  MPG is the worldwide leader in developing employee engagement and incentive marketing programs for Fortune 1000 corporations The company implements customized strategies to motivate workers, applying sales and marketing techniques to maximize employees’ success.

Non-cash awards – merchandise, travel, gift certificates and gift cards, a simple thank you (anything that’s processed/delivered outside of the payroll practice) – are better investments and thus more affordable solutions for companies looking to “do more with less.”

Even in these recessionary times, non-cash enticements can be used to close performance gaps across a wide variety of enterprise-level metrics, or they can be used to encourage improved outcomes at the local level.  Contact your SBC broker to see the wide variety of health care and dental services as well as personal goods and services that you can acquire for your employees, contractors and clients using your trade dollars and holding on to your cash. (exerpts from Barter news)

Wedding Bells on Barter

Here Comes the Bride, Not a stressed-out crank;

She’s really really happy ‘cuz she didn’t break the bank!

This weekend two of Southern Barter’s newest members are getting married, and they’re employing almost a dozen barter members to service their wedding on trade!  How can this be done?  With the clever planning of SBCs broker services for members.

On October 1st, Charle and Greg Sims will be married in a beautiful mansion in the mountains.  And along with their eighty invited guests, they will be joined by a host of barter vendors who will serve the couple in multiple areas of expertise. Continue reading

Starting and growing a Business with Barter

Have you ever wanted to start another business or expand an existing business–but the thought of paying tens of thousands scared you away?  Well, tremble no more because the world of barter just might have your answer.

Medical Clinic Sees the Light

Last year a multi-specialty medical clinic in Norcross joined the Southern Barter Club, and its skeptical Director sat across from SBC President Laurie Sossa to figure out how to make barter work for him. Dr. Mel Colon of International Medical Clinics had a stack of invoices in one pile, and a list of needed services in the other.  Within minutes, Laurie sorted through the piles and quickly demonstrated how the clinic could save over $25,000 of their hard-earned cash–simply by switching to barter-friendly vendors for projects. Continue reading

Turning Barter into Cash

So what are the secrets of die hard barter lovers? One of the big favorites is learning to turn barter into cash! How is that accomplished? Through a little research and creativity, say SBC members, and the willingness to meet someone else’s need with your barter power.


For example, one barter member, Maria, is a teacher in charge of collecting funds and buying gifts for fellow teachers who are getting married or having babies. She collects about $50 cash per gift from the group, and then goes to the barter store–The Trading Post–and buys a beautiful gift basket of goodies with her barter funds, enabling her to both save the cash and delight the teachers with elegant gifts. Continue reading

Content, Content, Content!

Written by Lisa A. Rice
One of my favorite hobbies is the barter club I belong to (where I do a service and receive ‘virtual’ dollars, which I can then spend on products and services I need from other barter members). This club is one of the most excellent I’ve seen at getting their messages out in relevant ways.

For example, on one day, I’ll get an email about the latest Scuba Diving trip to a Caribbean resort, and on another day I’ll get a Face book message about an event they’re throwing. Continue reading

Barter Proves Solution to Healthcare Crisis

By Lisa A. Rice

“Almost fifty percent of my paycheck goes to medical and dental categories!” wailed Suwanee resident Linda to her friend Ashley. “I just can’t stay above water with this mess… We’re at that age where we need routine tests like colonoscopies, mammograms, braces for our boy, and dental work for my aging mom. We’re sinking!”

“Oh, have I got a solution for you,” said Ashley, excitedly. “Ever heard of bartering?”
For the next hour, Linda sat over Ashley’s shoulder and viewed the Southern Barter Club’s website, her mind whirling as she took in the possibilities before her. Continue reading

Barter Proves Clever Answer for Tight Times

They say that people become most efficient with their scarcest resource, and in these uncertain economic times, Georgians have proven this old adage to be true.  With few individuals,  businesses and non-profits having extra cash lying around lately, entities have been forced to become more clever and efficient with their buying habits. Fortunately, the world of bartering has proven to be a unique and timely solution to this dilemma. Barter has become their expense account and emergency fund. Continue reading